Charles Ashton and British Silent Films

British Silent Film Star – Charles Ashton

Filmography of Charles Ashton (1920-1929)

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  1. Pillars of Society (1920)         Dick Alward
  2. Monty Works the Wires (1921)           The Brother-in-Law
  3. Head of the family (1922)
  4. The Last King of Wales (1922)
  5. The Last Crusade (1922)
  6. Sam’s Boy (1922)       Harry Green
  7. A Will and a Way (1922)         George Smith
  8. The Monkey’s Paw (1923)     Herbert White
  9. The Constable’s Move (1923)            PC Evans
  10. Lawyer Quince (1924)            Ned Quince
  11. Jail Birds (1924)          The Man
  12. Claude Duval (1924)   Tom Crisp
  13. Reveille (1924)            Sam
  14. We Women (1925)     Bart Simmons
  15. The Woman Juror (1926)       Casey
  16. Cash on Delivery (1926)         PC Jack
  17. Spiritualism Exposed (1926)   Mr Cathcart
  18. Smashing Through (1928)      Westlake
  19. Maria Marten (1928)   Sam Giles
  20. Sweeney Todd (1928)            Mark Ingestre
  21. Kitty (1929)     Cast member
  22. The American Prisoner (1929)           Carberry

Of the twenty-two films starring Charles Ashton, several have survived and most are held in the British Film Institute’s National Film Archive.

Despite the highly flammable nitrate stock of which these films were made, six films are viewable in 35 mm format or transferred to VHS or DVD-R formats and can be viewed for a small fee at the BFI in Stephen Street, London.   These films are: Kitty (1929), We Women (1925 ), The Monkey’s Paw (1923), A Will and A Way (1922), Head of the Family (1922) and Sam’s Boy (1922). The American Prisoner (1929) is held in its original nitrate stock and is, therefore, not available for viewing by the public.


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