Charles Ashton and British Silent Films

British Silent Film Star – Charles Ashton

Monty works the wire (1921)

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Production company: Artistic FilmsDirectors: H. Manning Haynes, Challis Sanderson.  Script: H. Manning Haynes, Lydia Hayward.

Cast: H. Manning Haynes (The Man); Mildred Evely (The Girl); Eva Westlake (The Auntie); Charles Ashton (The Brother-in-Law); Gladys Hamer (The Maid); Thomas Canning (The Doctor).

Plot synopsis by Janiss Garza, All Movie Guide: The real star of this British-made comedy is a scruffy little mutt. When we first see Montmorency, the terrier, he is telling one of his puppies how he influenced the life of his master (Manning H. Hayes) — the dog basically narrates the whole film. Montmorency, or Monty, was rescued from a dustbin by a man and the mutt proceeded to inject romance into his life. He changed the retiring young gentleman into a monocled man-about-town, helped him win a pretty girl (Mildred Evelyn), and even came along on the honeymoon. When the couple has only one child, Monty is disappointed, since he is the father of six puppies. When “Auntie” (Eva Westlake) comes to stay with the couple, she proceeds to drive them up a wall with her Turkish bath cabinet. Monty, on the other hand, takes a liking to the old gal — so much so that he inadvertently drives her from the house, an act for which the couple is eternally grateful.

Manning Haynes was the lead actor and director.


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