Charles Ashton and British Silent Films

British Silent Film Star – Charles Ashton

Smashing Through (1928)

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Also Known As (AKA): Die Todeskurve von Hillbury Rock (Germany)


Production company: Gaumont  British Picture Corporation, Studio: Shepherd’s Bush.  Director: W.P. KellinoProducer: Maurice Elvey and Gareth Gundrey.  Script: L’Estrange Fawcett (Writer); John Hunter (story), William Lees (story).

Duration: 85 min.  Release date: 1929 (Germany), 4 March 1934 Finland

Genre: Adventure | Mystery

Cast: John Stuart (Richard Bristol); Alf Goddard (Alf); Eve Gray (Kitty Masters); Hayford Hobbs (James Masters); Julie Suedo (Miss Duprez); Gladys Hamer (Ethyl); Charles Ashton (Westlake); Mike Johnson (Mate); H.Saxon-Snell (Driver).

Plot Synopsis:

Dick Bristol, head of the Bristol Motor Company, counted upon winning the famous Varley Road Race Trophy to save the business from disaster, for success carried with it a guarentee for profitable distribution of the winning product through Varley’s great international selling agency. The story follows the intrigue to win the trophy and the romance of Dick Bristol.

From BFI’s National Film and TV Database


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