Charles Ashton and British Silent Films

British Silent Film Star – Charles Ashton

Betty Balfour

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Betty Balfour was a popular film star in the 1920s.  She appeared in the Squibs comedy series produced by George Pearson, and in his films: Love, Life and Laughter (1923) and  Reveille (1924), in which she demonstrated a serious side to her character. She starred in the German and French films including: Die sieben Töchter der Frau Gyurkovics and Die Regimentstochter, she worked for Marcel L’Herbier in Le Diable au Coeur, for Louis Mercanton in Monkeynuts and for Géza von Bolváry in Bright Eyes.

In Britain, she starred in Alfred Hitchcock’s Champagne. Balfour’s sound debut, The Brat, based on the Squibs character, was only moderately successful, and her popularity diminished in the 1930s, though she played a supporting role to Jessie Matthews in Evergreen in 1934, and appeared with John Mills in Forever England in 1935.

Taken from Biography and filmography at ScreenOnline

More information by Dan Horn at the Women and Silent British Cinema  website

Films with Charles Ashton

Mick, a flapper, in Reveille (1924)


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