Charles Ashton and British Silent Films

British Silent Film Star – Charles Ashton

Lydia Hayward

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Image of Lydia Hayward held at Women and Silent British Cinema website accessed 30 November 2010.


Educated in France, Lydia Hayward commenced her screen career in 1918 and continued to write film scripts into the 1940s with Lucoque, Gaumont, Stoll and other film companies.

Silent films that Hayward worked on include: Three Men in a Boat (1920), The Mating of Marcus (1924), His Grace Gives Notice (1924), Not for Sale (1924), We Women (1925), The Gold Cure (1925), Confessions (1925), The Ware Case (1928), A Peep Behind the Scenes (1929) and The Last Post (1929).  Among her 1930s projects was the 1933 adaptation of Noel Coward’s Bitter Sweet. Lydia Hayward remained active until 1941, when she worked on the script for Hard Steel. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Filmography and screenplays from: Women Silent Filmmakers in Britain © Luke McKernan 2007

P 6-7.

Accessed 23 October 2009

Films with Charles Ashton

Lena Hessel in The Pillars of Society (1920)[actress]

Head of The Family (1922 )[scriptwriter]

Sam’s Boy (1922 )[sc]

A Will and A Way (1922 )[sc]

The Constable’s Move (1923 ) [sc]

The Monkey’s Paw (1923 )[sc]

Lawyer Quince (1924)  [sc]

We Women (1925 )[co-sc]


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