Charles Ashton and British Silent Films

British Silent Film Star – Charles Ashton

Norman McKinnel

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(1870-1932) Image of Norman Mckinnel by Bassano. Vintage print, 1920 (National Portrait Gallery)


Norman McKinnel was a stage actor who appeared in silent films from 1899 (King John and Lymoges) and included the Shulamite (1915), Everybody’s business (1917), Mary Girl (1917), Hindle Wakes (1918), Dombey and Son (1919), Pillars of Society (1920) with Charles Ashton, Dame Ellen Terry, Irene Rooke and Mary Rorke.  He had no problems making the transition to films with sound appearing in Potiphar’s Wife (1931), The Sleeping Cardinal (1931), The Outsider (1931), another remake of Hindle Wakes (1931, USA), The Frightened Lady (1932), White Face (1932). [Taken from Internet Movie Database]

Films with Charles Ashton

John Halligan in Pillars of Society –(1920)


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