Charles Ashton and British Silent Films

British Silent Film Star – Charles Ashton

George Ridgwell

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Director (51), Scriptwriter (11), Production (3), Cast (2)

George Ridgwell started his film career as an actor in 1914 and went on to direct and write for films from 1914 until 1929.  He directed these two short history education films: The Last Crusade and The Last King of Wales (1922).  The latter is held by the National Library of Wales: National Screen and Sound Archive and available on DVD for viewing – bookings to be made through the Library.  George was a prolific film maker and made a total of 23 films plus these two films in just one year – 1922, and then 16 more films in 1923.  His last film was made in 1929, Lily of Killarney, and then he returned to acting in 1933 starring in two films, Channel Crossing and The Crime at Blossoms with Moore Marriott.  In 1921, he directed a mystery film starring Milton Rosmer: the Amazing Partnership.  In 1924, he filmed The Eleventh Hour, some of the scenes were shot on location at Point Lobos State Park California, and starred Charles Jones, Shirley Mason for Stoll Productions.

Nathalie Morris, archivist with the East Anglian Film Archive, wrote her thesis on The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes films, a collection of 15 short films based on Conan Doyle’s detective stories and made by Stoll Film Co 1921-23. Starring Eillie Norwood as Sherlock. Maurice Elvey directed the first series, George Ridgwell directed second series of Sherlock Holmes films – taken from Nathalie Morris’ An Eminent British Series: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and the Stoll Film Company 1921–23 (Journal of British Cinema, 2007, Volume 4, Page 18-36 DOI 10.3366/JBCTV.2007.4.1.18, ISSN 1743-4521, Available Online May 2007. Accessed 1 December 2009

Filmography – Complete Index to World Film Accessed 1 December 2009

Films with Charles Ashton

Producer of The Last Crusade and The Last King of Wales (1922)


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