Charles Ashton and British Silent Films

British Silent Film Star – Charles Ashton

Walter West

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Image of Walter West,Director, writer, actor, Cyranos held at website accessed 30 November 2010


The director and producer, Walter West, started in silent films in 1915 as an actor in A Bold Adventuress (1915)  followed by The Adventures of Dick Dolan in 1917. 

He began directing silent films in 1915 with The Woman Who Did (1915), The Merchant of Venice (1916), The Knockout Blow (1917), Not Negotiable (1918), Under Suspicion (1919) and A Daughter of Eve (1919).  He owned several productions companies, among others the “Broadwest Films”.  In the 1920’s at the height of his career, he directed: The Case of Lady Camber (1920), The Loudwater Mystery (1921), When Greek Meets Greek (1922), The Scarlet Lady (1922), In the Blood (1923), Beautiful Kitty (1923), A Daughter of Love (1925), Riding for a King (1926), The Brotherhood (1926) and Maria Marten (1928).  He formed QTS Productions in 1927 in order to produce Sweeney Todd and Maria Marten.

With the arrival of the talkies, Walter West did only a few films as a director, including: Aura No. 1 (1930), Aura No. 2 (1930), Hundred to One (1933) and finally We Do Believe in Ghosts (1947), his last film.

Films with Charles Ashton

Maria Marten (1928)


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