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British Silent Film Star – Charles Ashton

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As recently as 2007, a silent film starring Charles Ashton was found.  The National Library of Wales’ National Screen and Sound Archive was presented with a 16 min 9.5 mm version of the 1922 The Last King of Wales by a private collector.  Clips were shown at the Welsh Classics Film Festival 2007 and it was planned that this film be transferred to another format and officially preserved.

Wales Online article, 17 Oct 2007 about the finding of Last King of Wales

A special presentation of The Last King of Wales took place on the final day of the first Welsh Classics Film Festival on 28th October 2007 at the National Screen and Sound Archive’s public cinema, the Drwm .  Only single frames were shown as it had yet to be transferred to another format and officially preserved.  The film is available for viewing by booking through the National Library of Wales.

Search National Screen & Sound Archive of Wales’ Catalogue for the record of Last King of Wales

The film was also screened the following year, in October 2008, at the Pordenone 2008 silent film festival held near Venice.

Pordenone Silent Film Festival site