Charles Ashton and British Silent Films

British Silent Film Star – Charles Ashton

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Web Links

All Movie Guide now known as Accessed 2 February 2012

AMC  – History of Film – The 1920s Accessed 2 February 2012

AMC Movie guide

The Bioscope Blog administered by Luke McKernan (closed as of August 2012, but it will stay online and remain as a permanent archive)

British Film Institute Film and TV database

13th British Silent Film Festival’s programme for”The World Before you, Exploration Science and Nature” for 2010, held 15-18 April 2010 in Leicester Accessed 4 February 2011.

15th Brtish Silent Film Festival

Complete Index to World Films since 1895.   Accessed 2 February 2012  Ibsen Films: Pillars of Society (1920).  Accessed 2 February 2012

The Internet Movie Database Accessed 2 February 2012

Internet Encyclopedia of Cinematographers  Accessed 26 January 2012

National Library of Norway – see entry

National Portrait Gallery’s Photographic Collection and DCMS Bassano Project  Accessed 2 February 2012

ScreenOnline Accessed 2 February 2012

Silent Era’s Progressive Silent Film List Accessed 2 February 2012

Silent Film Still Archive. Accessed 2 February 2012

Silent Films Wiki on Talkies Accessed 2 February 2012

Wikipedia on Silent Film Accessed 2 February 2012

Silent London – aims to keep people in London informed about silent film screenings in London Accessed 4 December 2012

Women and Silent British Cinema Accessed 2 February 2012


A feast of Welsh cinema history.Wales Online, 17 October 2007, article on the finding of The Last King of Wales film  Accessed 2 February 2012

Bioscope (independent film trade paper – ceased), 3 October 1928, vol 77, no. 1148, p 30 (UK) Review of Sweeney Todd (available at British Library’s Newspaper Library, Colindale, and on microfilm from British Film Institute Library)

Bouchier, Chili.  Shooting star: The Last of the Silent Film Stars.  Atlantis Books. Softcover, 1996. 246 pages.

Boughey, Davidson. The film industry 1921.  London, New York, Sir Isaac. Pitman & Sons, 1921.  Digitised and available from: (Not in copyright).   Internet Archive  Accessed 6 November 2009

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Brownlow, Kevin.  Silent Films. What was the right speed? Sight and Sound, 1980.

Butler, Ivan.  Cinema in Britain – An Illustrated Survey.  1973, South Brunswick and New York – London, A.S. Barnes & Co. – The Tantivy Press.

Cinema Europe: The Other Hollywood, 1995 documentary about the rise and fall of European silent film industry produced by David Gill and silent silm historian, Kevin Brownlow. Accessed  2 February 2012

Cook, Pam (ed), Gainsborough Pictures (1997)

Croall, Jonathan.  Forgotten Stars:  My father and the British silent film world.   Fantom Publishing, Coundon, Coventry, June 2013 (Hardback).

Encyclopedia of British Film. Accessed 18 November 2009.

Genaitay Sonia (2010) Dangerous Beauty: The Joy of Nitrate Film, BFI news item, 23 Dec 2010. Accessed 5 February 2011.

Low, Rachel.  The History of British Film (volume VII: The History of the British Film 1929-1939: Film Making in 1930s Britain), London: Routledge, 1985.  Limited preview in Google Books  Accessed 9 November 2009

MacIntyre, F Gwynplaine.  Who knocks? 23 March 2003. Review of The Monkey’s Paw from the Internet Moview Database. Accessed 2 February 2012

Nash, Jay Robert, Connelly, R., Ross S.R. Motion Picture Guide Silent Film 1910-1936. Volume 10 of The Motion Picture Guide, Publisher Cinebooks, 1988. Length 439 pages.

Spindles – photo album and diary of a hideaway belonging  to silent film actress Irene Rooke in 1927.  Available courtesy of Paul and Karen Rennart at  Accessed 9 November 2009

Sweet, Matthew.  Shepperton Babylon. The Lost Worlds of British Cinema. Faber & Faber, 2005.  ISBN-10: 0571212980.

Sweet, Matthew.  Silent Britain (DVD). 2006. Matthew Sweet presents and narrates this documentary profiling in detail the British film industry from 1859 to 1929. Features archive film footage, interviews with historians and survivors from the period

Taming of the Shrew (1923) starring Cynthia Murtagh – view at ScreenOnline   Accessed 22 March 2012


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