Charles Ashton and British Silent Films

British Silent Film Star – Charles Ashton

Stoll Picture Productions

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Australian-born Sir Oswald Stoll (1866-1942),  took over the London Coliseum in 1904 and quickly gained a controlling interest in many theatres throughout Britain. In April 1918, he founded the Stoll film company as both a distributor and producer. Its first film was Comradeship, 1919, directed by Maurice Elvey. The company was to remain a major player in British cinema through the 1930s. The Stoll company’s silent output included more than two dozen directed by Elvey from 1919 to 1924, among them such titles as The Hound of the Baskervilles (1921), starring Eille Norwood, and The Passionate Friends (1922), starring Milton Rosmer.

Source: ScreenOnline

In 1926, Stoll traded as the Stoll Picture Productions in Cricklewood.

In 1938, after 18 years of picture production Stoll’s Cricklewood Studios was sold to the aviation company, Hawker-Siddeley. Source: Wood, Linda. British Films 1927-1939.  It ended trading in 1948.

London: BFI National Library, 1986.


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