Charles Ashton and British Silent Films

British Silent Film Star – Charles Ashton

Mary Rorke

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(1858-1938) Evelyn Millard and Mark Rorke , Beagles 756 Z postcard. Taken from Flickr Accessed 28 Oct 2009

Mary Rorke made 12 silent films before she appeared in The Pillars of Society (1920) with Norman McKinnel and Charles Ashton. These earlier films included: Caste (1915), The Second Mrs Tanqueray (1916), The Marriage of William Ashe (1916), Dr Wake’s Patient (1916), Merely Mrs Stubbs (1917), Tinker Tailor, Soldier, Sailor (1918), The Right Element (1919), The Bridal Chair (1919), The Edge o’Beyond (1919), Testimony (1920), Unmarried (1920).  She had a two year break before the next films – Boy Woodburn (1922), Tell your Children (1922), The Harbour Lights (1923), The Starlit Garden (1923) and If Youth but Knew (1926).  With the arrival of sound, she went on to make one more film Castles in the Air (1937) when she was in her late seventies.

National Portrait Gallery – web image not currently available

Films with Charles Ashton

Mrs Halligan  in Pillars of Society (1920)


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