Charles Ashton and British Silent Films

British Silent Film Star – Charles Ashton

Cynthia Murtagh

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In addition to the six films Cynthia Murtagh appeared with Charles Ashton, she played leading roles in The Skipper’s Wooing (1922) and The Convert (1923) – both comedies by Manning Haynes and written by Lydia Hayward and W.W.Jacobs; Gems of Literature:Taming of the Shrew (1923) (directed by Edwin J Collins and adapted by Eliot Stannard); Carry On! (1927); The Ware Case (1928) also directed by Manning Haynes and written by George Pleydell (play) and Lydia Hayward.  In 1929 she is credited as Cynthia Murtagh Haynes in The Last Post made by Britannia Films (Internet Movie Database).  It seems she married Manning Haynes, director of many of her silent films, because in 1929 her name changed to Cynthia Murtagh Haynes.  She retired from films after 1929.


Cynthia can be seen above in Head of the Family (1922) with Charles Ashton.  She also appears in the online version of Taming of the Shrew (1923) in the role of Bianca – registered ScreenOnline users only can view the film (libraries, colleges, universities)

According to the BFI the film Last Post (1929) is lost, but there are a few stills held in their collection.  It was a patriotic war picture set in World War I from the only woman feature film director, Dinah Shurey, working in Britain at the end of the 1920s.

Films with Charles Ashton

Betty Foster in Head of the Family (1922)

Flora Pottle in A Will and A Way (1922)

Cast member in The Last Crusade (1922)

Eleanor de Montfort in The Last King of Wales (1922)

Celia Rose in Lawyer Quince (1924)

The girl in Jail Birds (1923)


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